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Star points Half a Star / One Star / Red Star The Games scores are rated from 1 point to 10 points, with the exception of 12, where the game is 'extraordinar'
Star points are rated from half a star to 5 stars, with the exception above of a red/rainbow colored star.

Score Low / Medium / High / ULTRA
Some of the design use a different system for showing how much I rate the games. This will either use procentage (0 to 100%, with the exceptions of some that i want to rate at the very top), or a 4-stage staple (the same used in Status Code).

How to Browse:
You can browse the list by clickin either "Browse..." or "Quickbrowse" links in the menu to the left.

Status Codes (Sts):
In 2010, I finally got around to add Status, where I could check if I have beaten the game or not.

If there's a number in the list, I haven't really bother to change the layout, but this is ruffly what they mean;
9 ULTRA 'Fully Completed'. The game has been completed (All items, all bosses and story mode completed).
7 High 'Partially completed'. A combilation of games, where not all games have been completed
5 Medium 'Finished'. The game is partially completed (Last boss or story mode completed).
3 Low 'Partially finished'. A combilation of games, where not all games have been finished
1 'Played'. The game has been played atleast twice.
0 = 'Unplayed'. The game has not been started at all.
-1 = 'Competition game'. Games like sports usually use 'Seasons', so in a sence, they never get completed.

Information about the website
This is a basic PHP/MySQL script I have made, primarily to understand how PHP and MySQL Database works.
If you want to try it, you can download it from here
In it's current state, it should work with PHP5+ and MySQL 5.0.x.

Some of the game covers might not be correct or represent another region's release, but in most cases the covers look just the same.
Some of the game covers are scanned by me.
Some of the game covers are taken from IGN
Anime covers taken from Axelmusic
Game/Console Icon's are taken from Here
Admin Images are taken from Joomla PMS system

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